The SoundBite Breakthrough
Non-Surgical Treatment for Hearing Loss in One Ear

FDA-cleared for the treatment of individuals with Single-Sided Deafness and Conductive Hearing Loss, the SoundBite Hearing System is the world's first non‑surgical and removable bone conduction hearing device to imperceptibly transmit sound via the teeth.


of SoundBite patients would recommend it to a friend or family who had similar hearing loss.

Individuals have chosen SoundBite because:

  • No surgery is required
  • It's nearly invisible and is comfortable as each device is customized for each patient
  • It's safe and clinically proven to improve hearing, even in noise
  • Users can eat, drink, and bite down normally

How SoundBite Works: Effective & Nearly Invisible Hearing Device

The SoundBite Hearing System consists of two components:

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) UnitSmall microphone and transmitter worn on the hearing-impaired ear.

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) UnitBehind-the-Ear (BTE) Unit

In-the-Mouth (ITM) Device Custom-fitted, inserts easily around the upper back teeth on one side.

In-the-Mouth (ITM) DeviceIn-the-Mouth (ITM) Device

The BTE microphone receives the sound signal and wirelessly transmits it to the customized ITM device. The ITM device converts the sound signal into imperceptible vibrations that travel via the teeth through the bone and to the functioning inner ear.

The SoundBite Benefit: Compare the Difference

SoundBite innovation is unique when compared to other available solutions for Single-Sided Deafness and Conductive Hearing Loss.

Cochlear Baha
Oticon Ponto
Sophono Alpha
Phonak and Widex CROS Hearing Aid
Sound processor box is attached to scalp
Requires surgery in operating room and recovery time
Permanent implant in skull
High‑quality bone‑conducted sound
Relies on air‑conduction
Good ear
remains open
Devices worn in both ears (including good side)

See How SoundBite Transmits Sound without Surgery

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