Next Steps

Get Your Hearing Back

Step 1

See if you're a candidate and assess the impact of your hearing loss

Am I a Candidate?

Step 2

Get a projection of your insurance coverage for the device

Your Insurance Coverage

Step 3

Find a Soundbite specialist and try a simulation of the actual device

Find a Specialist

Once SoundBite is prescribed by your physician:

  • A simple partial impression of your teeth will be taken by a dentist.
  • Your order is then placed and a customized SoundBite will be built for you.
  • Four weeks after placing your order, your SoundBite will be ready.
  • You'll meet with your audiologist to have your SoundBite fitted, and you'll be ready to rejoin the conversation!
Models Image

Take the next step! Determine if you're a candidate for Soundbite, investigate your insurance coverage, then find a hearing specialist in your area.

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