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Real Patient Stories

Hear what patients have to say about the benefits of SoundBite™ Hearing System for Single Sided Deafness.

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Sarah – Unilateral Hearing Loss Since Birth

"My hearing loss is a mystery to me. It's been there since I was born, but I don't know why. My hearing loss stands at about 85% deaf in the right ear. I hadn't used any other hearing devices up until this point.

When I went to New York City and started doing my master's degree, all of the little things that had been bearable, became a bigger deal. It's hard to student teach when you can't hear what a student is saying. It's hard to stage manage a show effectively when you can only hear in one ear.

You can hardly see SoundBite. Oh, it's so magical. It makes it a lot easier to do things like go to the movies, go to a restaurant, talk with people on the street. It gets rid of those little annoyances.

A major pro for me is how low profile the hearing device is when it is in.

Another major pro is that you don't have to have surgery. All you have to have is a mold for your mouth.

Another major pro is how easy it is to take in and out. It's just like putting in or taking out a retainer. It's really easy and simple to do.

Talk to your audiologist about whether SoundBite will be right for you. It's definitely helped me."

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Debra – Acoustic Neuroma Patient

"Living with Single Sided Deafness presents a lot of problems that you don't expect. I feel it impacted my lifestyle greatly. I found I wasn't speaking to other people as much.

SoundBite has changed my life for the better.

With SoundBite it's so aesthetically nice to look at, people can't even tell that I'm wearing it and I think that is a big, big issue for a lot of people. They don't want that added look of aging.

I would tell people they owe it to themselves to try it and see what a difference it can make in your life."

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Jim – Acoustic Neuroma Patient

"The first words that describe SoundBite that come to mind are amazing, very high quality, and it's a life changer. You just wouldn't think to leave the house without SoundBite on.

It's really quite simple. The SoundBite fitting was really straightforward…it was certainly much easier than going in for surgery.

The innovation and ideas behind SoundBite are revolutionary and very original – they are almost inspiring to me. I feel like they've opened up doors and technologies here that will really change peoples lives."

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Nancy – Craniotomy Patient

"I felt very, very lucky to be able to have this SoundBite device and be able to use it with such ease and not have to go through yet another surgery.

The first word that comes to my mind when I'm thinking about SoundBite is easy: easy to use, easy to get used to.

The benefit to be reaped by wearing SoundBite is tremendous – to hear the sounds around you, your family members, to hear a movie/television/radio –all of those contribute to the sounds of your life. The best thing about SoundBite is that I can hear."

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Gloria – Acoustic Neuroma Patient

"SoundBite is amazing. I am recovering my natural hearing. I feel more secure."

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If you suffer from Single Sided Deafness or Conductive Hearing Loss, SoundBite Hearing System may be the ideal choice for you. To learn more about SoundBite Hearing System visit Getting Started or let us help you find a doctor in your area.