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Get the latest information and news about Sonitus Medical and SoundBite™ Hearing System. This section of our site provides recent press releases, media events, and other news about the company.

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Wall Street Journal – July 10, 2012 – "Using Teeth to Help Restore Hearing in One Ear"
This article in the Health Journal of the Wall Street Journal explains the SoundBite Hearing System and the well established, scientific principle of bone conduction. It details how SoundBite uses bone conduction and "effectively by-passes" problems in the cochlea and outer/middle ear to restore hearing in patients with Single Sided Deafness and conductive hearing loss. Patients relay their stories and struggles of living with Single Sided Deafness and describe how SoundBite "un-isolated" them, re-connecting them to the world of sound. Read More »


WHDH — Channel 7 News Today in New England, Boston: January 3, 2013
WHDH - Channel 7 News Today in NewEngland, BostonHear the inspiring story of 35-year old Mia Tavan who lost 85% of her hearing in the right ear and was desperate for help. She was fitted with the SoundBite Hearing System, a new, non-surgical bone conduction prosthetic device, which uses wireless technology to transmit sound, via the teeth. Mia says, "It's so worth it. I feel like I've become such a cheerleader for the device." Her physician at Boston Medical Center, Dr. Kenneth Grundfast, describes how SoundBite offers a non-surgical solution for Single Sided Deafness or Conductive Hearing Loss. He now sees patients who previously did not pursue surgical treatment, returning to his practice to be fitted with the non-surgical and removable SoundBite device.
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WTLV/WJXX — Channel 12/25 First Coast News, Jacksonville: December 3, 2012
WTLV/WJXX - Channel 12/25 First Coast News, JacksonvilleDr. Glen Knox is a physician and also a patient, who has suffered from Single Sided Deafness for 30 years. After not being able to hear people speaking on both sides of the dinner table for so long, the doctor explains how he was fitted with SoundBite Hearing System, a non-surgical and removable bone conduction prosthetic device which uses the teeth as a conduit to transmit sound. Dr. Knox describes the device saying, "It's amazing. It's bringing tears to my eyes." Because Dr. Knox never wanted surgical treatment for his condition, he lived with Single Sided Deafness for much of his life. Now, with the non-surgical SoundBite device he says, "It's like I can hear again in that ear."
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WTMJ4 — The Morning Blend, Milwaukee: December 3, 2012
WTMJ4 - The Morning Blend, MilwaukeeIn this special segment, Dr. Gwen Kandula of Advanced Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists and her patient, Tiana, share the story of Tiana's struggle with sudden, Single Sided Deafness and her recent treatment with SoundBite Hearing System. As a high school student, Tiana was devastated to learn she had permanent deafness on her right side. Having conversations in crowded school hallways and going to movies presented significant challenges. Now, four years later, she has been fitted with SoundBite Hearing System, a non-surgical, bone conduction hearing prosthetic. As she reports, "Suddenly, life became a lot less frustrating." Dr. Kandula explains that SoundBite can help patients with one-sided deafness who have good hearing on the other side. She describes how SoundBite provides clear sound, without distortion, by using bone conduction via the teeth, to transmit sound to the functional ear.
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WBZ — Channel 4 News, Boston: November 28, 2012
WBZ - Channel 4 News, BostonIn this news feature, Dr. Kenneth Grundfast of Boston Medical Center explains how SoundBite Hearing System provides a non-surgical solution for patients with Single Sided Deafness. He describes how SoundBite allows sound to travel via the teeth through the skull bone, to the inner ear on the patient's good hearing side. His patient recounts how she suddenly lost hearing in her right ear due to an inner ear disorder and how SoundBite has made a "tremendous difference" for her in both social and work situations.
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ABC — Channel 7 News, Los Angeles: October 2, 2012
KABC - Channel 7 NewsA 63 year-old, former air traffic controller describes how he suddenly lost his hearing, due to exposure to loud noise. He recounts the struggle of living with Single Sided Deafness and how he has regained his hearing thanks to SoundBite Hearing System. This novel, non-surgical, FDA approved device uses bone conduction to transmit imperceptible vibrations through the teeth. The device is currently offered in over 17 centers across the country.
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WTAE — Channel 4 News, Pittsburgh: May 22, 2012
WTAE - Channel 4 NewsSoundBite Hearing System is featured in this special news report as a non-surgical and removable "medical break-through" which "takes away the massive disruptions" associated with Single Sided Deafness or Conductive Hearing Loss. Dr. Todd Hillman at Allegheny General Hospital describes how SoundBite relies on bone conduction to transmit sound via the teeth, offering a non-surgical and removable solution to patients who have suffered sudden deafness. His patient shares his story of waking up one morning and being unable to hear on one side, due to sudden nerve damage. After refusing to pursue invasive surgical options, the patient was fitted with SoundBite which restored hearing, without surgery. Watch Now

KENS — Channel 5 News, San Antonio: February 20, 2012
KENS - Channel 5 NewsIn this special report, SoundBite Hearing System is featured as a "welcome innovation" which offers a non-surgical and removable solution to patients with Single Sided Deafness or Conductive Hearing Loss. Dr. Susan King of Ear Medical Group in San Antonio shares that her medical group is the first in Texas to provide SoundBite, which has received FDA clearance. Her patient shares a personal journey of struggling with hearing loss following an acoustic neuroma surgery and relays that she is "happy to be back to hearing the world around her, in stereo." Watch Now

KTVU — Channel 2 News, San Francisco Bay Area: July 5, 2011
KTVU - Channel 2 NewsThis special news report features SoundBite Hearing System, the unique hearing device which is giving hope to patients with Single Sided Deafness. San Francisco Bay Area Otolaryngologist, Dr. Michael Murray, discusses how the device works. His patient shares her story about how SoundBite restored her hearing and changed her life, without surgery.
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Sonitus Medical on the Show Floor
Visit the Sonitus Medical booth at these trade shows to get more information about our new FDA Clearance and see the innovation of the SoundBite Hearing System.

  • COSM
    May 14-18 / Las Vegas, NV
    Booth #617

  • AAO-HNSF 2014 Annual Meeting & OTO EXPO
    (American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Foundation)

    September 27-30 / Orlando, FL
    Booth #747

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