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Best Hearing Aid Ever! – Applied Hearing Solutions


Hi, guys, Biff Ohlson, Doctor of Audiology and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions. And on this video, I’m gonna tell you what the best hearing aid is, coming up. So the number one question that I always get is Cliff, what is the best hearing aid for me? And, my answer is still the same, because it’s a simple answer.

The best hearing aid for you is the one that was fit the best. So, it’s a very simple concept. A hearing aid in and of itself isn’t what corrects your hearing loss, isn’t what treats your hearing loss. While it is a needed component of that, the most important factor is the individual who is fitting it for you. So, let’s go over the components of that. There are certain fundamentals that are required to ensure that you’re getting the maximum amount of benefit with whatever hearing aid that you wear. Those fundamentals are called best practices. And so, if you take these best practices and you combine them with the extreme amounts of precision required to make sure that you’re utilizing them correctly, then you’ll have success with hearing treatment.

And whatever hearing aid that you get will perform very well for you. Now, I don’t want to discount that there are different hearing aids that do different things. So, you need, so let’s just say you have a severe hearing loss. You need a hearing aid that is capable of providing you with enough amplification to treat that hearing loss. But, if you’re the type of person who wants connectivity with a phone, you’re having trouble on the phone, and you spend all your time on the phone, then you probably need a hearing aid that can directly stream audio from a phone.

So, there are little features and things like that that will do you more benefit by getting a specific type of hearing aid. But just because a company comes out with their newest, latest, and greatest technology, it might not be that much different for you, ’cause you’re still gonna take that technology, fit it the same way, and if it has functionalities that are additional that you would benefit from, then great. Then that hearing aid will be great for you. But, we need to stop thinking about treating hearing loss in this mentality of oh, what’s the best hearing aid? Let me give you a for instance. I had a patient who came in, started to see me, had existing hearing aids from his previous provider. That previous provider, to my knowledge, did not utilize industry best practices. So I took those same hearing aids that he had, that he hated, hated them, two, three years old, hated the hearing aids. He’s like, “I never want to wear this particular brand “ever again.

“I need new hearing aids.” And so I’m like, “Well, hold on. “Let me do a check. “Let me see where you’re at in relation “to your prescription for your hearing loss.” So I measured it. I measured with real-ear measures, is he meeting the prescription for his hearing loss? And you know what I found? I found that it had nothing to do with the hearing aids.

It had to do with how the hearing aids were programmed. So, all I did, and I say this in a casual fashion, all I did, but all I did was take the hearing aid and program it the way that it was supposed to be programmed for his hearing loss. And you know what? He liked his hearing aids after that point. So, let’s change the mentality. Let’s change the way that we think about treating hearing loss. It’s not about the hearing aid. It’s how that hearing aid is fit. Rant over. Have you any questions? Let me know.