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2017’s Smallest Hearing Aids Review


Okay, so today we’re going to talk about the smallest receiver in the ear hearing aids on the market.

So what we have in front of us is the Widex Unique Passion, the Phonak Audeo B-10, the Unitron Moxi Now and finally the Signia Ace Primax. They are all size ten hearing aids and easily the smallest hearing aids on the market. So let’s have a closer look at the Widex, so this is the Widex Passion, and this is based on the Unique chip. It does take a size ten battery.

With the receiver coming down, speaker unit, with the rubber dome. This is Widex’s smallest receiver in the ear hearing aid. The Phonak Audeo B and this is their size 10 model. Again, size 10 and battery. The biggest difference with that compared to the Widex is the button at the back. Now that button can act as a volume control, program control or a bit of both. The thin wire is coming down connecting to the speaker with the rubber dome. The next is the Unitron Moxi Now, and this one is quite small. Size 10 battery, with a battery housed in there already. With that thin wire coming down, with the speaker on end. Finally, we have the Signia ACE Primax. Similar to the Phonak, with the button at the end which can act as a program control only.

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Same size ten battery, and a receive a wire coming down, with the rubber dome on end. So here we’ve got a closer look at the four devices on the model. As you can see the Unitron is the smallest of the 4, with the Signia Ace Primax coming in a close second. The Widex and the Phonak look quite similar in size, but the Phonak does look a fraction longer, mainly due to the program button located at the top.

All four hearing aids take a size ten battery; we would expect roughly four days out of each battery. The Widex, Phonak and the Unitron are all wireless devices. That means the hearing aids are sharing information regarding directionality and noise reduction. However, the Signia Ace is a non-wireless device, which means that both hearing aids act independently. The button on the Phonak can act as a volume, or program control since it is a wireless device changing the programming or volume on one hearing aid will also change the other. On the Signia the button can only act as program control. The Widex Phonak and Unitron are Bluetooth compatible, via the use of a streamer accessory. The accessory allows you to stream phone calls and media to the hearing aids. Again since the Signia Ace is a nonwireless device, it is not compatible with a Bluetooth accessory. You can however through the use of a Signia TouchControl app, make volume and program adjustments via the use of a smartphone. The app works by emitting an audible chirping sound which the hearing aids respond to, to make the necessary adjustments.

Finally, all four hearing aids are available at all price points, from entry to the premium level. Regarding fitting range we can fit most hearing losses. However, it’s best to check with your clinician to confirm whether the device is suitable for your hearing loss. So that was our comparison video on the smallest receiver in the ear hearing aids. For any questions or queries, you can reach us at valuehearing.com.au Thanks for watching.