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Should My School Give Me A Hearing Aid?


Hello and welcome to another episode of Deaf Poynter, where we go for a drive, except not really, I remain parked for the safety of us while filming this, and I talk to you about your deaf and/or disability-related problems. Sometimes I will give you advice; sometimes I will just rant away with you, sometimes I will yell at the sun.

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I’m looking and feeling very tired today, so I’m channeling my inner Meghan Tonjes and wearing sunglasses while filming in the car. This is like “People Keep Talking” junior, I guess. So as you may have noticed, last week was episode three instead of a real episode two. That is because the real episode two got corrupted while uploading, I didn’t have the files to re-edit the whole thing and then try to re-upload, and no matter how many times I re-uploaded the final product it still cut off the last minute, so I’m re-shooting now. So this is episode two, a.k.a. Three, and then we’ll be back to normal by next week, I promise. So let’s get going, got my fancy iPad here to read the questions, and bring portable screenshots.

Thank you, Apple for lending me this. “Hey Rikki, my name is Caiti, I’m deaf in my left ear, “and I’m a senior in high school, I think a good topic “would be my experiences with trying to get a hearing aid. “I go to mainstream public school, I use an FM system “at school, and my hearing is getting worse, “and I can tell I need to get a hearing aid instead. Here’s the story, so at my last hearing test at school. Back in May, the audiologist said she would want “to see me this year, now there is no audiologist “, in the school, and the school district and at my IEP – “individual education plan meeting, my mom said “that the district audiologist last year wanted to check “my right ear, they said they would pay for the hearing test “at the hospital, and the hearing aid if I needed it, “or if I end up needing it, “but they aren’t doing anything about it. “Now I have to wait to get a hearing aid “because there isn’t any audiologist, “and everything goes through the school district.

“Right now not being able to hear as well as other kids “upsets me and I can tell it’s hindering my learning ability, “because I’m a very smart kid, I just can’t hear. “So basically this, if the school is seeing that my grades “are affected by me not being able to hear, “shouldn’t they do a better job with trying “to get me a hearing aid, shouldn’t they make it a top “priority if it’s hindering my learning ability? “Thanks, Caiti, P.S. Love your videos.” Well, the good thing about re-doing this video is that I can say what I said last time I filmed this but without the rambling. First of all, thank you very much Caiti, I’m very glad that you enjoy my videos. Second of all, I’m going, to be honest and say I’m not sure if this is a state law thing, but even that, I’m not sure about your state laws. So I can’t say, if the school says that they are going to do it, should they back it up? From a moral standpoint, from an ethical standpoint I would say, yes, back up what you say, go through with what you say you’re going to do, but I don’t know if they are legally required to do that, I don’t know if you could say, well, I’m going to file a lawsuit against you if you don’t do this, because you said that you were going to do this.

That’s tricky, so I’m gonna leave that to maybe anybody else who is watching this if they might know more than me, if they want to write down in the comments. I’m sorry I can’t be much help there. But, or you can go to the, how do you say it, vocational rehabilitation center, vocational rehabilitation center, right, yes. And they will have some information. Hopefully, they will hopefully know more about it. So hopefully you have one of those near you, I would just Google your city and state, and ‘vocational rehabilitation center’. I know that the VR will help provide people with hearing aids and stuff, if they’re going to school, given that they’re under a certain age, I think, at least the one here does, you have to be under 21. So I don’t know for certain. But that’s really all I can say on the matter, I do think it’s kind of sucky that they said that they were gonna do this and they’re not really doing it, and then the person who said they were going to do it doesn’t work there anymore, so it’s kind of like, you were my hope, and now my hope is gone.

But try those two things, and maybe hopefully somebody watching this will also have an answer because I’m not sure what else I can tell you. I tried to move because this sun here was getting a little too happy. But hopefully you’ll be able to find somebody that will help you out, yeah, I don’t remember what I said before, I had to move over. (Laughs) So that’s it, if you’ve got a question or concern that you want to ask me about, want me to answer it in a video, email deafpoynters@gmail.com, and I keep saying this, but nobody is doing it. Please write in the email that you want it answered in a video, because that email is for my website DeafPoynters.com, and that’s when it was originally born, and then this series became something that was created after, so please be specific when you write an email to me, I need to know. If you want to follow me on all of my social media, links to that will be down below.

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